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Florence Bike Pages
Florence and Tuscany by bicycle

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Terzano - Incontro

This route starts in a fairly sweet with some modest climbs; the ascent to Terzano is more challenging, and the final ascent to the Incontro can be avoided turning left in the direction of Villamagna; but doing so, you will miss the beautiful and mostly un-known panorama of Florence that you can see from the Incontro convent

Firenze ascending to Terzano
Panorama visible on top of the steep stretch after the Carota arch

Itinerary data

Trip lenght: 27,8 km
Total ascent: 528 m
Average slope:(*) 5,2% (10,0 km ascent)
Maximum average slope: 20,2% (on a 0,3 km long section)

(*)only sections steeper than 2% are included

Itinerary map

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itinerary profile

Road book

1 50 Piazza Ferrucci
Get via Orsini
2   Via Orsini
Turn right in via di Ricorboli
3   via di Ricorboli
Turn left
4   via di Ripoli
turn slighly right in via di RIpoli
5 50 Badia a Ripoli
Turn right
6 77 Roundabout at Ponte a Ema
Turn left
7   Ponte a Ema
Turn left in direction of Bagno a Ripoli
8 83 via di Ritortoli
Turn right in via del Carota
9 152 via del Carota
Turn right at the corner with via Pietrosa
10 178 via Roma
Cross via Roma
11   Paterno
Turn right (steep ascent)
12 373 Terzano
Turn right
13 431 Scollino
Turn slightly left
14 434 Incontro road
Turn left
15 556 Incontro
You are at the top of the hill. Look at the panorama and then turn back!
16 328 Villamagna
Turn left
17 76 Candeli
Cross the big road
18   Candeli
Get the narrow road on the left
19 58 via del Padule
Turn right
20 53 Nave a Rovezzano
Turn right at soccer playground
21   Nave a Rovezzano
Turn left along the river Arno
22   Piazza Ravenna
Go straight on in Lungarno Ferrucci (bike path)
23 50 Piazza Ferrucci